Walk along the most spiritual Girona. We will visit the known and unknown churches of the Old Quarter. From Romanesque to Modernism, through Gothic or Baroque, we will enjoy the history of the city while admiring its religious and historic constructions.

What are we doing?

In this tour we will admire the most religious side of our city. Starting at Plaça Catalunya, we will walk through the narrow alleyways behind the Town Hall and discover 14 religious and cult centers hidden among the Old Quarter, some still active and others with very different functions. We will see the different construction styles that were used in the Girona of different times, from Baroque to Modernism, while walking through well-known and not-so-known areas of the Barri Vell.

What are we seeing?

Sagrat Cor – Convent de la Mercè – Església dels Dolors – Convent de les Germanes Vetlladores – Convent de Sant Josep – Església del Carme – Sant Martí Sacosta – Convent de Sant Domènec – Convent de les Josefines – Catedral – Basílica de Sant Feliu – Sant Pere de Galligants – Sant Nicolau – Convent de les Caputxines – Sant Lluc.



2 km

Non circular tour


How to book

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