Discover the best medieval towns in Girona! Make the most of your trip and go visit this magnificient mountain towns close to Girona city. Inland, in the middle of nowhere, there are plenty of little villages waiting to be discovered! Don't miss it out!


Yes, we know that many people come to Girona for our wonderful city and, in the hottest months, to spend a few days on the beautiful Costa Brava. But go away from the sea (or not that much), and you'll find these beautiful spots in the middle of mountains and volcanoes, surrounded by lush green forests and fresh, transparent rivers. Girona is much more than city life, sun and beach!




Who’s never heard of this town? Besalú, probably the jewel of the crown when it comes to mountain villages in Girona, was one of the most important medieval villages in the area, which is reflected in the rich heritage of the place. A unique Romanesque bridge, a very important Jewish past and a life and charm that are difficult to beat make Besalú an essential stop on any visit to Girona. If you want to know more about Besalú, check our tour here!


Castellfollit de la Roca:

Is there a village in the world located on a more spectacular spot than this? Castellfollit, situated on a basaltic cliff up to 54m high, is simply spectacular. A walk to the end of this cliff through the narrow alleys of the old town will reward us with a spectacular view over the Fluvià and the houses built right on the edge.

And we wouldn’t be able to leave without trying the marvelous cookies of Ca l'Enric and the muffins of Cal Tusset! Two local jewels made in one of the smallest municipalities in Catalonia. Come with us and discover Castellfollit de la Roca and Besalú in one day with locals! 




It is difficult to get to this small and isolated village of the Ripollès, but the visit is worth it. Its historic center, dominated by the Romanesque church of Sant Cristòfol, is a lovely place to stroll around and a good starting point for one of the many excursions that leave this village towards the surrounding mountains. Nor can we forget the beautiful Beget Bridge, possibly from the 10th century. What a wonder!


Santa Pau:

The town of Santa Pau is well worth it on its own, with its medieval alleys and its peace and tranquility, even on the busiest days of summer. This, coupled with an idyllic surrounding filled with volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls, and one of the most famous and picturesque forests in Catalonia, guarantees hours and hours of spectacular walks and photographs. Oh, and let's not forget, the opportunity to try one of our most beloved products: the fesols of Santa Pau.

Join an excursion with us and discover Santa Pau, the volcano of Santa Margarita, the Fageda d'en Jordà and swim under a waterfall! More info here!


La Selva de Mar:

This peculiar village is very close to the sea, but a very particular location in a valley, purposedly to avoid being seen by pirates from the sea, turns it into a town with a mountain vibe. A walk through its streets will make us think that we are not very close to one of the most touristy points of our coast and, if we manage to reach the small Vall de Santa Creu, we will have managed to change worlds.


Girona is unforgettable! Come visit us and make the most of your trip!