We’re used to see cities in broad daylight... But the darkness of the night gives a magical, intimate and charming vibe to them. And what better way to finish it than with a tasting of 3 local beers or some of the local’s favorite drink, ratafia?


What are we doing?

When the sun goes down, we will start walking through the oldest areas of the city. Streets that are not illuminated enough where we may see a ghost or some spirit, squares where we can hear legendary myths and stories or secret places where we'll get to know which historic battles and massacres happened there. And, to finish the route, what better than savoring some of our best local craft beer or our most traditional drink: the Ratafia, a liquor made from green nuts and a large number of aromatic plants. What a treat!

 What's included?

  • Guided tour on foot throught the city of Girona for 1 hour approximately.
  • Tasting of local drinks: 3 kinds of beer or ratafia.


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