In order to defend itself from enemies and foreign invasions already from the 1st century bC, the city was equipped with a wall that, after 4 expansions, many attacks and thousands of years, is still on its feet. Do you dare to discover it with us?


What are we doing?

The city walls were built to offer additional protection to its inhabitants. From Roman to Modern times, the walls have been modified and improved according to the needs of the time. However, as time went by, the walls have lost their defensive role and, as happened with the city walls of Girona, they have acquired a more symbolic and historical function. Here, we will walk along the remaining segments of the walls, discovering their history, the gardens that are part of them and the battles they endured.

What are we seeing?

Gardens of the Walls – City Walls – Caserna dels Alemanys – Gardens of the Germans – Passeig de la Muralla – Gardens of John Lennon – Walls of Sant Pere – Sant Pere de Galligants.


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