The acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones chose Girona to shoot different scenes that happened in King's Landing and Braavos. In this tour we will visit the different locations that appeared in the show and we will dive into the Seven Kingdoms!


What are we doing?

The adventures of Arya Stark while training to be a faceless woman, and the spectacular (SPOILER ALERT!) destruction of the Cathedral, are just some of the parts that took place here. The Barri Vell of Girona was the ideal setting to shoot a cult TV show set in the medieval period: Game of Thrones. For a few weeks, the shooting crew and the actors and actresses were in Girona cutting streets, modifying the appearance of the city and enveloping it with a very mysterious aura to film the scenes into the tightest secret.

What are we seeing?

Sant Domènec Convent – Cathedral stairs  – Market in the Arabic Baths – Theater in Plaça dels Jurats – Galligants bridge – Sant Pere de Galligants monastery


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