The most unexpected legends, the least crowded streets, gardens surrounded by walls, parks with spectacular views, the smallest square in Europe and a strange mural with the map of the French capital. Who'd say Girona has all this?


What are we doing?

In this tour we will travel through the hidden, unknown and full of history corners of our wonderful city. Over the more than 2,000 years of history of our city many events, some more fortunate than others, have taken place. Walking through the less visited Girona we can discover empty streets, hidden statues, squares far away from everything and stories might not let you sleep. We invite you to discover the most unknown, creepy and authentic Girona.

What are we seeing?

Plaça del Vi – Town Hall – Mapa de París – Plaça dels Raïms – Minali street – Quatre Cantons – Jewish Quarter – Cathedral – Sant Feliu church  – The 3 Monk statues – Vampires – Wolfs – Demons.

How to book?


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